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Department of Physics, NTHU
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Physics Colloquiun-Spring Semester2017






Spring Semester 2017


  上課時間(Time):星期三下午1:30(Wed 13:30)    

地點(Classroom):物理館019室(Classroom 019) 











Supplementary Materials

2/15 Dr. Kuo-Chuan Pan  (Michigan State University)
 Self-consistent Neutrino-Driven Core-Collapse Supernova Simulations with Neut
Neutrino Transport 


3/8 劉軍廷副院長 工業技術研究院 Research and Development of Intelligent Systems    
3/15 曲宏宇教授 中正物理系 Recent stuides of plasma vortex plasma bubble at atmospheric pressure
3/22 何孟書教授 中興物理系 Characterization of fullerenes on Si substrate and their application in devices

4/12 牛寰一等核能師 清華大學原科中心加速實驗室 ion beam application in material and biology    
4/19 黃迪靖副主任 國家同步輻射研究中心 Scientific Opportunites of Taiwan Photon Source


 5/3 Minn-Tsong Lin
Distinguished Professor 
 台大物理系 1. Scanning Tunneling Spectro-microscopic Study on Spintronic Emergent Materials;
2. Three Key Elements in Science/Technology Policy: Core Values, Fundamental Research and Innovation Econmics
 5/10  Hoi Io Chun Professor  清大物理系 Quantum optics with propagating microwave in superconducting circuits.    
 5/17  章文箴 研究員  中央研究院物理研究所  質子之內,別有洞天—質子內部夸克結構的細緻解析    
 5/24 古慶順 副研究員 國家同步輻射研究中心  Scanning Laue X-ray Diffraction Microscopy at Taiwan Photon Source for Microstructural Imaging and Its Applicationn for Materials Science