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AMO seminar-2018S

Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics Seminar

Spring  Semester 2018

每週 一下午1:203:00  於清華大學 理論中心  Lecture Room A 












Supplementary Materials

3/5 陳明彰教授 國立清華大學光電所 理論中心

Extended phase matching of high harmonic generation byplasma-induced defocusing. 

理論中心(綜三館4F) Lecture Room A   
3/19  Dr. Bongjune Kim  國立清華大學物理系 Toward the Realization of Stored Rydberg Polaritons in a Cold Atomic Cloud 理論中心(綜三館4F) Lecture Room A   
4/2 Dr. Kai Chen Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
Ultrafast Broadband Time-Resolved Photoluminescence Spectroscopy for
Advanced Optoelectronic Materials
理論中心(綜三館4F) Lecture Room A   
4/16  院繼祖教授  中原大學物理系 Engineering charge transfer states in greener quantum dots for luminescent solar 理論中心(綜三館4F) Lecture Room A   
4/30 劉翼綱博士  國立彰化師範大學物理系  Condensation of Two component mixture of p-orbital bosons and it's Collective-
mode Excitations in a Two-dimensional optical Lattice. 
理論中心(綜三館4F) Lecture Room A 


5/7 Prof. Xi-Cheng Zhang Institute of Optics, University of Rochester    THz Aqueous Photonics and Beyond" 物理館中庭  
5/21 李哲明教授 國立成功大學工科系 Quantifying Quantum-Mechanical Processes 理論中心(綜三館4F) Lecture Room A  
5/28 林俊達教授   國立台灣大學物理系   Toward large-scale quantum computing with trapped ions
6/4  Prof. Chi-Kwong Li  Department of Mathematics, The College of William & Mary, USA   operator  Theory approach to Quantum Error Correction 理論中心(綜三館4F) Lecture Room A


06/11    Chih-Chun Chien University of California, Merced  Relation connecting thermodynamics and transport of unitary Fermi superfluids 理論中心(綜三館4F) Lecture Room A



























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